Would you ask a stranger for a Fingerling

Couldn’t possibly ask for that

The mums of Mumsnet and Facebook are seemingly in a bit of a dilemma this year. Adorable, palm-sized monkeys- The Fingerlings are one of Christmas 2017’s ‘hot toys’ but it seems mums around the country are a little hesitant to ask for them across the counter.

Isadora2007 admitted to Mumsnet that “It’s really awkward saying to the young male toy shop assistant that I’m desperate for a fingerling!” with Facebook users chiming in and agreeing that the name is ‘A tad rude’ and even ‘Filth.’

We at Toyology would like to offer some advice to red faced mums ‘desperate’ for a Fingerling. Fix the cashier with an unwavering icy glare, plant your feet and boom out your request. If anyone so much as sniggers, accuse the entire store of being perverts and leave with your head held high. Either that or just go to Argos. If you can’t ask a digital catalogue for a Fingerling without getting all hot and bothered we’d suggest the problem may lie with you.

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