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Awesome Little Green Men – can this self-proclaimed praise be justified?

Awesome little green men

Get those flicking fingers ready, MGA Entertainment have started an all out war and your penny sliding abilities are the only thing standing between you and victory. ‘Awesome Little Green Men’ are the latest in a long line of collectible figurines that utilise a colossal roster and a blind bag …

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R2-D2 It isn’t you…..It isn’t you!


On the back of unveiling BB8’s darker cousin BB-9E, Sphero have brought forth yet another sinister reimagining of a classic robo-friend. Behold R2-Q5! “Who?” I hear many of you cry. Well, if Wookiepedia (Star Wars’ own online encyclopaedia) is to be believed, R2-Q5 has been a very busy boy. Not …

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BB-8 sent into space BB-9E is gutted


Argos sent a toy droid into space recently, footage has just been received at Toyology Towers and, yes, here it is. The point was to celebrate their new Last Jedi toy range so we’re scratching our heads as to why it wasn’t BB-9E that took the trip, but anyway. The BB8 …

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Light bulb features a flamingo and tropical tree

Inside this lightbulb you shall see a flamingo and a palm tree, this far in life we’ve only seen a light shade with such a display. This 40w E27 220 bulb number uses these iconic items as the actual element which glows in a neon-like green and pink – Now …

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Somewhere over the….

You guessed it you musical genius. This pair of neon rainbow lights come complete with a pot of gold•, they aren’t super bright but designed to add a rainbow-like ambience to your abode. Small on is £25 and battery powered, larger one £50 and needs plugging in the mains. A …

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Toys to life gets some defibrillation from Ubisoft at E3

The global gathering of all things electronic gaming is underway in L.A. and Ubisoft have delivered a deft move in a category thats been coughing and spluttering of late. Certainly Skylanders came along a couple of years back and took us by storm, others joined, Disney Infinity backed off, then …

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Transformers toys rolling in

Fans of the franchise are in for a treat this summer as the latest instalment arrives on the big screen in June – Transformers, The Last Knight. Over the years there has been a decent offering of merchandise, in terms of the amount. In the early days a premium die-cast …

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Forza taps into nostalgic thrills

There are far too many video game review sites out there doing s spanking job and we can only wonder at their collective gasps this week with the news that the best racing game is getting an injection of Hot Wheels.  The Hot Wheels addition is arriving in the for …

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Already fast and furious actually becomes Fast & Furious

We love slot-car racing, we’re even bigger fans of slot-free racing, we are massive fans of A.I. powered set-up Anki. If you wanted to punish us for something you couldn’t do much more sever than take our OVERDRIVE set away. So, finally, after an achingly long wait, they’ve actually signed …

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