Two Masters in the past three years – Scottie Scheffler is on fire

An impressive 11 under on the last round or a total of 68, a decent four shots ahead of his Swedish rival for a masters in making him hot favourite for a hat-trick next time he is out on the fairway at Augusta in 2025.

Tabletop Golf, reduced to sub £40 HERE is a decent game, design your own course with the included tiles and flick the Crossfire type projectile from the to green and pop it in the hole.

A little more on our level, five moving obstacles to overcome as you make your way around this tabletop crazy-golf-esque type game. Two clubs, two balls, no-instructions needed 9it has a revolving windmill, what are you waiting for?) –


DEscribed as a Golf card game with a “funny” twist, we assume this is the addition of Zombies to this card-based game that is apparently family friendly, we’re intrigued, if you are it is £13 HERE.

For those about to take on the reality that is a glorious walk ruined and hit the 18 holes perhaps take the edge off the serious nature of the play with these score cards that can add a twist for the players. Divvy up the set amongst you all pre-tee off and a combination of HELPFUL and OBSTACLE cards are included to be played to your own benefit or to the disadvantage of others, nice twist on things or just £18.

Here’s a board game from Asmodee entitled 18 Holes, priced down from a very spendy £70 to around £45, it looks like a decent enough play if you a) like board games b) love golf c) have a burning £50 to get rid of (if you’ve any others please do get in touch).

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