Toy Reviews

July, 2019

  • 16 July

    Cricket world cup – what a cracker

    An absolutely splendid weekend of sport, F1, Wimbledon finals, Netball even garnering some attention yet nothing can compare to “THAT” cricket match on Sunday. So the England team won but by the slimmest of margins, it needed a super over to get us the cup, we even feel a tad …

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  • 9 July

    Overwatch LEGO sets – near-future earth sets almost here

    As one of the of the fastest growing digital games in the world Overwatch  boasts over 40 million active players, was only a matter of time before it got the LEGO treatment. The hit game by Blizzard is full of characters like Junkrat, Roadhog and Hammond the Hamster and now …

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  • 5 July

    Water way to have a blast – soakers of all shapes and sizes

    Take down a wave of enemies as they flee yelling H2-Noooooooo – If you’re in the market for a top water gun, take a peek at this haul of hardware: Time is of the essence in a water-battle, if you’re out of H2O your opponents are at a huge advantage. …

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  • 5 July

    Spider-Man Far From Home is having a very good week

    Having a web-tastic first week at the box office Spider-Man Far From Home took $27 million on Wednesday — a record for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. This, the 23rd Marvel movie, so far it has earned a whopping $65.5 million in its first two days from 4,634 North American locations …

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  • 3 July

    PLAYMOBIL: The Movie – Toys Part I – Rex Dashers ride

    Daniel Radcliffe is a secret agent (Rex Dasher) in the new PLAYMOBIL: The Movie – released in UK cinemas 9 August and he has his very own Porsche Mission E! A new take on E-Performance. The PLAYMOBIL Porsche Mission E (RRP £69.99) features the same harmonious design and detailed craftsmanship of its …

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  • 3 July

    Argos illustrates some of the strange searches customers make

    The Argos website sells tens of thousands of products, but for some Brits, it seems that’s just not enough. They released a list of the top unusual searches and we’ve picked our toy related(ish) two. An Argos spokesperson said: “From Tim Berners-Lee to James Dyson, Britain is renowned for its …

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June, 2019

  • 20 June

    Monopoly gets a voice activated update – No Alexa required

    Lights, sounds, BANKING. This latest iteration of the family feud inducing game comes with an interactive Mr MONOPOLY banking unit. The top hat at the centre is voice-activated and all of the game’s transactions are handled by Mr MONOPOLY. From keeping tabs on your account balance and properties in possession …

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  • 18 June

    Outdoor Toy Awards 2019 – and the winner(s) is…..

    The Winners of the 2019 Outdoor Toy Awards have been announced with Thames & Kosmos, Chad Valley and Rollplay amongst the triumphant. Last weekend we had a load of Toyminators of all ages gather in South East London to put this year’s shortlisted selection of outdoor toys to the test. …

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  • 11 June

    Retailer unveils their predictions for top sellers of 2019

    There are less than 200 days left until Santa does his rounds but the top toy bods at Argos have released their predictions of what’s most likely to be on those lists this Yule. This list of 12 toys comes alongside some research from the retailer that a quarter of …

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  • 5 June

    Celebrate 35 years of Ghostbusting with these new PLAYMOBILsets!

        New Ghostbusters sets anyone, Playmobil have created a wave of crackers to celebrate the film being 35 years young including a limited run of collector’s edition figures. Get all nostalgic with these six new sets that include the four lead characters from the original 1984 film directed by …

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May, 2019

  • 29 May

    Board game bonanza near Birmingham

    Get yourselves up to the NEC this weekend (West Midlands for you non-UK types) and visit a three day gathering of all the great and the good of the now not-so-geeky board game scene. The UK Games Expo started life 13 years ago as a relatively small affair but now …

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  • 23 May

    Mattel rides in with new connected play cars

    On the starting line this morning is the new connected play product from Mattel by the name of Hot Wheels TechMods Accelo GT. Everyone in the toy game is after a slice of the connected space and this one offers a point of difference as it is the first buildable …

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  • 17 May

    Space Invaders – The Board Game – Get your backer benefit

    At some point in 2020 they tell us the game will be released at retail, we’re not willing to wait and nor should you. Space Invaders The Board Game on Kickstarter has a bunch of benefits that the $40-ish game won’t have when it hits the shelves next year so …

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  • 16 May

    Stranger Things has happened – LEGO set is here (almost)

    They’ve only gone and done it, rumourmongers were right, LEGO have unleashed their Stranger Things set. This homage to the Netflix series comes in the shape of a 2,287 piece set and goes by the name of The Upside Down.  The completed set takes you from the Byers’ house on …

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  • 9 May

    The toys are back in town

    In case you didn’t know the next Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise is released on June 21st, its name – Toy Story 4. We’ve updates a plenty incoming on the plethora of playthings. Let us start with the LEGO goodness we’ve just clapped eyes on. Serious brickheads might baulk at …

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