Toy Reviews

May, 2024

  • 22 May

    Venus Williams gets her own one-of-a-kind Barbie doll

    The celebrations of Barbies 65th birthday continue, this time the brand is honouring nine athletes with one-of-a-kind dolls made in their likeness.  Barbie is highlighting sports role models to show girls that anything is possible if they relentlessly pursue their passions. One of the most decorated Olympic athletes with four …

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  • 16 May

    Hot Wheels Optimus Prime, if you want to see it transform go buy on

    It is of course 40 years of the TRANSFORMERS franchise, this collector item, we like very much is the Hot Wheels TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime. Described as authentically recreating a 1:64 scale version of the Autobot leader in metal-on-metal material. This converting collector piece comes with full graphics on top of …

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  • 15 May

    LEGO Icons welcomes two very different sets, both have our wallet hiding behind the sofa

    A tremendous few days from the ICON department at LEGO HQ, a retro radio set that is quite stunning, shelf-worthy beyond compare and ripe for a hack to get it working in some way as a Bluetooth speaker or FM/DAB receiver. It is almost 1,000 pieces and RRP’s at £89.99, …

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  • 8 May

    French Icons unveiled by LEGO

    Two sets from the iconic Parisian scene are joining the 18+ LEGO patisserie today (pre-orders), inspired by the most recognisable French celebrities (aside Brigit Bardot and Eric Cantona) we have the LEGO Art Mona Lisa (£89.99) in 1,503 elements and, according to the Danish brick maker “new colour hues to …

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  • 2 May

    Harry Potter day, celebrate with this Scalextric Anglia ride

    No idea why it is International Harry Potter day today, Star Wars day on May 4th makes sense as does Mario Day on MAR10  – No matter, we welcome any ideas, conspiracy theories as to why. So, what it dos do its allow brands to anounce new Harry Potter stuff …

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April, 2024

  • 23 April

    Despicable Me 4 sets are really rather Gru’d

    Ready for your purchase right now are five sets, all including a Minion of some sort, from a small Jet Board set at 48 pieces to our fave by far being the (pictured) Gru Mansion, £90 and a 868 piece count and all the characters covered. This one will be …

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  • 17 April

    Down with chocolate biscuits – Inflation dips a bit

    The shopping basket of goods/services included in the measurement went down from %3.4 to %3.2 (at its peak a whopping %11.1) and chocolate biscuits were amongst the fallers whilst Ari Fryers, not in the list, you’d think would be nudging it up with every Tom/Dick/Harry now going on about their …

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  • 16 April

    Top Gear presenter isn’t our favourite cuppa, his latest venture had us chortle

    The outspoken broadcaster is more of an anaesthetic for our senses when he begins to rant, right up there with co-presenter Hammond, what a pair of sleep-inducers. However, on his fledgling farm Diddly Squat which he appears to have not made any money on for the TV show it featured …

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  • 15 April

    Two Masters in the past three years – Scottie Scheffler is on fire

    An impressive 11 under on the last round or a total of 68, a decent four shots ahead of his Swedish rival for a masters in making him hot favourite for a hat-trick next time he is out on the fairway at Augusta in 2025. Tabletop Golf, reduced to sub …

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  • 11 April

    Take something and make it ten times better – Gridlock, it is the dogs undercarriage of a game

    Complete with six of their mighty fine wooden rides and the bumper car you’ll be steering out of traffic the Gridlock game is the only thing you’ll need on your shelf. Out on display it’ll look quite superb, then, grab the cards and start yourself a quest to get out …

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  • 11 April

    Scary plush popping up all over the place – Deddy bears bring nervous smiles

    You know that a Mummy, Zombie, Living Pumpkin, Werewolf and Vampire denomination collectively called Deddy Bears likely shouldn’t be antagonised in any way, right? This range of creatures however, from keychain size squeezables, 5.5 inch versions complete with coffin boxes and the 12-inch collection supplied in their own blood-curdling carry-bag …

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  • 10 April

    Scrabble – ALLOVER the place

    Hats off to the media machine at Mattel for the coverage they secured right across the UK press yesterday online and seeping into print today. From regional radio stations across the land to a piece on Radio 5 Live which turned it into an hour long call in on “How …

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  • 9 April

    ZURU cooks up a deal with Masterchef

    The deal, cooked up with Zuru and entertainment powerhouse Banijay this new line contains real miniature MasterChef creations including food items and accessories so collectors to create mini versions inspired by the TV show’s much-loved dishes. There are  11 iconic MasterChef-inspired mini dishes such as Japanese Ramen, Cherry Chocolate Cake, …

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  • 1 April

    April Fool – Is it the entire day?

    Is it just tired parents that created the noontime cut-off for hoaxes, pranking and general nonsenseness on this globally recognised day? We’re big fans of the Italian/French, Belgian and many other French speaking country tradition of pinning a fish on a persons back without them noticing on this day, poisson …

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March, 2024

  • 28 March

    ZURU Rainbocorns land in Roblox-o-sphere

    ZURU’s award-winning children’s brand, Rainbocorns launches on Roblox tomorrow –  Try a FREE DEMO of the game here and check out the stats via the same link, it’s already amassed in demo mode – 1.1m views and 4.5k favourites!

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