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Please mind the gap between the escape room and the puzzles

Mission: Breakout – Codebreakers I am not going to lie, I was very excited to go to Mission Breakout. The venue is an abandoned tube station (very exciting for a Londoner to be in a tube station not full of commuters) it also advertises itself heavily on Facebook as well …

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Dialling your escape up to 007

AIM Escape – Spy Heroes – https://aimescape.com/ AIM Escape are a multi-room venue in East London who claim to have ‘Unparalleled immersion’ and ‘The most technologically advanced escape room in the UK’ – which, given I have done some pretty tech heavy rooms and on more than one occasion saved the …

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Everything you could Luft-want from an escape room

Escape Plan – Battle of Britain – London Escape Room – Escape Plan Escape Plan are spread across two London venues and all their rooms are WW2 themed. An unusual trait for escape venues, who normally utilise a variety of themes to attract the widest audience they can. However the …

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I am Dan the Man – Escapoloist extraordinaire

What is an escape room? Who am I? Why should you read this review? All good questions, thank you for asking. Essentially an escape room is where someone shuts you (and usually a team) in a room. You then need to find items, solve a series of puzzles and achieve …

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