French Icons unveiled by LEGO

Two sets from the iconic Parisian scene are joining the 18+ LEGO patisserie today (pre-orders), inspired by the most recognisable French celebrities (aside Brigit Bardot and Eric Cantona) we have the LEGO Art Mona Lisa (£89.99) in 1,503 elements and, according to the Danish brick maker “new colour hues to accurately reflect the colours used by da Vinci over 500 years ago, before the paint changed with age” and well before Neil from the Young Ones shot to fame.

The set we’re told has been designed with a drum-lacquered gold detachable frame. The most exciting part for us is that there’ll be a LEGO Art Podcast to accompany the set at launch on 1st October. Packed with fascinating content on the Mona Lisa’s timeless appeal, this episode is hosted by Jack Gardner Vaa, who invited three special guests: Dr. Francesca Borgo (Professor of Art History at the University of St Andrews), Jennifer Dasal (host of the ArtCurious Podcast) and Milan Madge (designer of the LEGO Art Mona Lisa).

And then, we have the LEGO Architecture Notre-Dame de Paris available June 1st) a superb replica of the classic Paris building, homage is well paid to the architecture with the instruction booklet taking you on a ride of the evolution of this landmark which began in 1163. You can remove the roof to peek inside the and admire details such as the rose windows, interior columns, gothic arches, the two towers and more. This one is £199.99 with 4,383 pieces and, well, we very much want one to sit  alongside our UP house and Snow White cottage.



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