Fresh from Batman: The Animated Series this is the first foray for LEGO into this territory and it is a big and bold move. This recreation of the Gotham City skyline as seen in the show is an outstanding display build for any fans and also happens to be full of Easter eggs.

Celebrating Batman’s 85th throughout 2024 Warner have made a statement with their Danish brick builders with this 3D 4,210 piece set. Every tower and building meticulously recreates iconic locations from Warner Bros. Animation’s “Batman: The Animated Series” including the Gotham City Court, Arkham Asylum, the classic Batwing and Bat Signal. The set is also full of Easter eggs and beloved characters including Catwoman, The Joker, Harley Quinn and Batman himself.  In addition, parts of the set open up to reveal more intricacies bits inside.

All yours on the 1st April it is no joke at £259.99


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