Top Gear presenter isn’t our favourite cuppa, his latest venture had us chortle

The outspoken broadcaster is more of an anaesthetic for our senses when he begins to rant, right up there with co-presenter Hammond, what a pair of sleep-inducers. However, on his fledgling farm Diddly Squat which he appears to have not made any money on for the TV show it featured in, he has decided to grown willow trees, a  certain type that can be made into expensive cricket bats. We’re given him airtime as, not only does he think this idea will revive the fortunes of his farm (we love optimism) but he claims (via his Sunday Times column) that he hopes to tap into markets in India, Pakistan and the US and said: “So stand by, cricketists. I’m going to hurt you, but not like you hurt me (at school). “I’m going to hurt you in your wallets. “I’m going to become the cricket bat king of Chipping Norton and I’m going to bash your credit cards until they look like Steve Martin’s in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

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