Hornby shares on the up

Back in 2016 after annual successive losses of £10mn and just over £5mn it looked like the hobby outfit was about to hit the buffers, but, thankfully it didn’t. Some investor confidence and a new CEO realigned the tracks of the finely balanced business and with their multitude of brands, which fared pretty well over COVID with folks rediscovering Airfix, Scalextric to name just a few of their nostalgia brands there’s a real interest in the business – and Fraser Group have just stumped up the cash to prove it. Shares are up over 30% this week as the group looks to “diversify its portfolio” with a now 9% stake in the £35mn valued business, it is an interesting move by Mike Ashleys group who have been on a bit of a UK retail spend of late picking up a 25% stake in Asos and a 22% stake in Boohoo Group and they have a stake in Currys, the electronics retailer currently attracting takeover interest.

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