LEGO Icons welcomes two very different sets, both have our wallet hiding behind the sofa

A tremendous few days from the ICON department at LEGO HQ, a retro radio set that is quite stunning, shelf-worthy beyond compare and ripe for a hack to get it working in some way as a Bluetooth speaker or FM/DAB receiver. It is almost 1,000 pieces and RRP’s at £89.99, so, get in my basket you beauty.

Of more concern to me financially is this, no less impressive, latest in line from a growing line of Lord of the Rings sets. Rivendell was last out of the blocks, a beautiful bit of kit, this one, slightly more sinister but so very imposing, impressive and for any LOTR fans an almost must have.

This 5,471 piece Barad-dûr set comes in at just shy of £400, it is, ladies and gentlefolk, stacked with detail and, well, makes you want to watch the films, buy a set, and watch the lots as you complete your step-by-step clicks. Snack wise, we’ve yet to decide, suggestions welcomed.

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