Thomas the Parkour Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine

What’s got six wheels, a fixed grin and has wicked sick moves? A botoxed breakdancer in roller skates? Get out of town mate, it’s Thomas The Tank Engine! You may have thought that the rail-bound hero of Sodor was out of steam but YouTubers, 5MadMovieMakers beg to differ. In this, their latest video, we see the usual sedate Thomas perform breathtaking flips, mind boggling spins and physics breaking tricks. In less than a week they’ve gained over six million views and it’s easy to see why. If you’ve got two minutes to spare, THIS is the best way to fill it!

About Rob Taylor-Hastings

Rob Taylor-Hastings
This actor & presenter is a proud Midlands lad who fled to London over a decade ago. Having grown up on a healthy diet of Power Rangers, Transformers and Thundercats, Rob is a sucker for anything that goes 'pow!' And 'Zap!' A film producer and radio savvy man this Toyminator really knows his R/C's from his elbow.

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