Dog days are here to stay – It’s the Ultimate Pooch Paw Patroller

Ultimate Fire Rescue - Paw Patrol
Ultimate Fire Rescue – Paw Patrol

You can’t help but marvel when lightning is caught in a bottle and that is exactly what the one of the international behemoths of the Toy Industry, Spinmaster, have done with Paw Patrol. This unstoppable property has dominated TV, books, merchandise and toys for the last few years and if you thought this pooch was done, Spinmaster have taught the old dog some new tricks!

In trundles, the new to August 2018, Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Playset. This puppy comes with flashing lights and sounds but the party piece is the ladder that extends up to 2ft! If that wasn’t enough to convince you that this was the last word in dog search and rescue then surely the fact that it can house all six of the Powered-Up-Pups will! ‘But, does it have firing missiles and a mini fire cart?’ I hear you cry in an oddly specific way. Oh, you bet it does!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a prototype Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck at this year’s London Toy Fair and I’ve got to say, it is an impressive beast. If your little ones are in anyway Paw Patrol potty, this is going to be very high up on their Christmas lists.

At £69.99 you can’t go far wrong. Trust me, it’s the dog’s bo…Undercarriage.

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