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Paddington via Peru

  One of the most eagerly awaited films for Q4 has to be Paddington, from a lone bear plucked from a Selfridges shelf (they don;t just sell kit for keeping stuff cold) by Michael Bond for his missus Brenda and named simply after the station near his home in 1956 …

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Moshi Monsters Movie

    Okay, sorry, FILM..A Moshi Monsters Film has just been confirmed, set to be released in the UK and Ireland on the 20th December. Fans of the multi-coloured monsters should be delighted, now you can take all your Moshi merchandise you’ve gathered along to a film with all your Moshi …

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Superman Stuff

        For anyone who enjoyed Man of Steel as much as Team Toyology did yesterday you’ll be keen to snap up the DVD in a couple of months, but to maintain your Superhero interest, we’ve not only invested in red underwear to put on outside our trousers …

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