LEGO Late’s – Get creative with other 18+ people

One night in London at the Leicester Square LEGO store they’re holding an 18+ event for adults to try out LEGO building activities paired with a unique behind the scenes focus on the film and TV industry. The date is October 4th and you’ll get a goody bag and discount off LEGO purchases to the value of the ticket, so, it’s a free even – kind of.

On the night you’ll create a series of film-themed LEGO builds that you’ll then be able to take home with you.

The event explicitly wants to present LEGO as more than just a toy, but an outlet for adults too. Award-winning costume designer, PC Williams, will discuss the importance of creativity as a tool to Click here to grab tickets for your BAFTA Masterclass  to inspire and unwind.

Recent global research from the LEGO Group has shown that 93% of adults are stressed, and 80% are looking for new ways to relax. So, what better outlet than the creativity and joy of a LEGO build?

Genevieve Cruz, Head of Product for the Adults audience at LEGO told us “The LEGO Group has championed the importance of quality, creative play for more than nine decades, but play isn’t just for children. Building with LEGO bricks helps adults to relax, feel creative and get a real sense of achievement, it transcends age, and has benefits for builders both young and old. The LEGO Lates series of events have been designed to help inspire adults to take the time to reconnect with old friends, make new ones and explore a new hobby.”

Events are also taking place in China and New York (the latter is already sold out).


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