Entertainer begins initiative to gets kids playing in-store

Right at the opposite end of the “put that down”, ” you can’t play with that in here”, “did you pay for that?”  shouts I often remember from some decades past The Entertainer has launched a new initiative in partnership with Young Minds to make every Saturday a Day of Play; championing the importance of play in children for a happy, healthy mind and emotional wellbeing.

The concept is an extension of the retailers activity in supporting Children’s Mental Health and will see 172 stores have toys out of their packaging and ready to pick up and play. The Entertainer team will be on-hand to demonstrate toys and encouraging kids to play together.

NHS research conducted in 2017 found one in eight children have a diagnosable mental health disorder – equating to roughly three children in every classroom – while there has been a sharp rise in conditions such as anxiety and depression in recent years.

The same research discovered current gaps in early support for young people with mental health problems, according to the charity. In a survey of over 7,000 young people under 25 who have looked for mental health support, two-thirds of respondents said that they had been unable to find mental health support when they first needed it.

Three-quarters said they had had to manage their mental health on their own when they couldn’t find help elsewhere. Gary Grant, founder and executive chairman at The Entertainer, said: “Modern childhood is filled with more pressures from an early age than ever before – from cyber bullying and peer pressure to school tests and performance expectations – being a child today isn’t always fun and games.

“Yet fun and games is a release that children need to help them live a healthy and happy life and that’s why Saturdays are being dedicated as a day of play throughout our stores and we’re hoping families will enjoy the opportunity to play together more.

Nick Harrop, head of media and influencing at YoungMinds, added: “We are extremely grateful to The Entertainer for their support of YoungMinds and their generosity will help us continue our vital work fighting for the mental health of children and young people across the country.

Head this way to lend your support.

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