X-rated for a reason – This laser battle kit is the dogs undercarriage

LAser X
Laser X at the Crystal Maze Experience

Fancy some futuristic warfare in your front room? Then strap-on these and get involved in some Laser X action. This evolution of the laser-tag industry is sleek and refreshingly affordable, just £49.99 for this two-pack and everything you’ll need to start battling your nearest and dearest. There’s Infrared beams, flashing lights and a banging rock anthem blasting in your ears.

At first I was concerned that the solitary chest sensor would scupper a lot of the fun, I mean, who doesn’t like shooting their mate in the back? This minimalism however keeps the pace of the game moving with combatants constantly trying to get the shot without making themselves vulnerable.  Also, I have no clue how, one single chest sensor manages to register hits that land almost anywhere about your person, this is really rather good news for players who tire of opponents who cover over and shield their target.

Laser X is a versatile set, with players able to choose between Red & Blue teams or go totally rogue with an option to hit both sides. This combined with Laser X’s extended range of  different blasters and ‘gaming towers’ means that players have a colossal amount of play options.

Alas, this is where I must bring up my one issue with the set. In a bewildering decision the Laser X makes a consistent and unavoidable ‘beep’. There is no way to turn this ‘feature’ off and I cannot think why it’s there, safety? Echo location? It eliminates stealthy options and is  very annoying.

That aside, Laser X is a brilliant set and it has been keeping big kids like us diving around the office for hours. A set of lasers under the tree is sure to bring a bit of holiday cheer – Boxing day battles with aunties and uncles, how very festive.

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