R2-D2 It isn’t you…..It isn’t you!

R2-Q5 gets thew Sphero treatment

On the back of unveiling BB8’s darker cousin BB-9E, Sphero have brought forth yet another sinister reimagining of a classic robo-friend. Behold R2-Q5!

“Who?” I hear many of you cry. Well, if Wookiepedia (Star Wars’ own online encyclopaedia) is to be believed, R2-Q5 has been a very busy boy. Not only did he thwart IG-88A, the notorious robotic bounty hunter, he has travelled the Galaxy from the Vapor Room in Bespin to the Second Death Star.

Bespin the planet

So get clued up, he’s not just a repainted R2-D2. I mean, he is that, he is just that but look at how shiny and Empirey he is. Available for pre-order from the 10th October, the hoards of R2-Q5 fans will be straight on that band wagon. And if my incredible, condensed biography hasn’t made you a Q5er (It’s what we now call ourselves) then maybe just stick to their R2-D2.

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