Scrabble – ALLOVER the place

Hats off to the media machine at Mattel for the coverage they secured right across the UK press yesterday online and seeping into print today. From regional radio stations across the land to a piece on Radio 5 Live which turned it into an hour long call in on “How have you altered a game to make it better” resulting in a debate on why the diving man on Mousetrap is lighter these days. Online the usual suspects at Sky and BBC news had the news on the 2 in 1 game covered, the tabloids had it covered, the broadsheets giving it a shout out, yes, we’re pretty much all aware that we can now but this new Scrabble together (it’s the new version with helper cards and an easier way to score one side and the regular game on the other) for the same price as buying a set with only the regular game printed on it. The Mirror said fans might find the changes controversial (not sure why), The Mailonline led with the headline “T H I C K” insulting more people than it informed (also describing the new game as WOKE) but the Express and its handful of readers went with “Outrage” – This led us to believe there might be some kind of backlash, protest, perhaps even a “disgruntled group” set up to lambast this twist on the classic game, but, no, nothing, just clickbait (not even good clickbait, it might have attracted a minnow). So, the game is designed in part to take some of the competitive edge off it and make it more inclusive, so what, don;t like it, flip the board (not in a Monopoly stroppy way) over and go back to the classic, simple enough. We’re seeing this new way to play as a gateway for kids to get involved in a softer version before they unleash themselves into the no hold barred, full-on darker side of double-word scoring and the inability to use a dictionary before you’ve laid your tiles. The new game, 2-in-1 is £22, the old version is, well, about the same price – It is entirely EVIDENT what you’ve to do, just don’t click on the affiliate links on one of the aforementioned “news” site who might have you believe this game was the path to perdition. Look, if Gyles Brandreth can describe the launch as “exciting news” saying “We play the original game, but change is inevitable,” it is fine by us.

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