Toy Reviews

January, 2018

  • 3 January

    Supermodel steps into Harrods

    ommyXGigi Barbie Harrods Exclusive

    Celebrating the time that Gigi Hadid ruled the runway and became the global brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger womenswear TommyXGigi Barbie has arrived on shelf. Exclusive to Harrods (online and in store at Toy Kingdom) this stylish shrunken nod to the supermodel is £89.95 and available now.

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December, 2017

  • 28 December

    LEGO Guardsman mini figure marches in

    Hamleys LEGO Guardsman

    One of the best selling toys in Hamleys over the Xmas period was this exclusive LEGO Royal Guard, a spanking looking little chap, we’re keen to create a legion of them on a base plate at Toyology Towers. This first ever Hamleys and LEGO Minifigure collaboration has created plenty of …

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  • 23 December

    Smashing new toy line launching on Boxing Day

    Zuru Smashers

    Going by the name of Smashers this new toy line from Zuru (the folk behind fidget cubes, Mayka tape and such) are releasing the first wave of these collectibles on the 26th December. You’ll see them in-store, on TV, YouTube channels, kids telly – They’re sticking a fair few quid …

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  • 21 December

    The top 10 selling toys in the UK in the countdown to Christmas

    Lazer x

    Folks, forgive us. We’re really not being lazy but this lot at the NPD released data today and we’re absolutely convinced at Toyology Towers that is deserves to be delivered verbatim, and so, without further ado :  The NPD Group today unveils the UK toy market’s 10 best-sellers for the …

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  • 20 December

    Fill your stockings with these retro Top Trumps

    Top Trumps retro

         At just a fiver a pack these nostalgia nodding packs of Top Trumps should find a place in stockings across the nation. I had all of them in my possession the first time around, the Horror packs pitted Dracula against various b-movie characters whilst over in Horror pack …

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  • 19 December

    Playmobil’s Ghostbusters’ Fire House – “Building makes me feel good”

    playmobil ghostbusters fire house

    ‘Well, this’ll be an easy morning.’ I thought. ‘Open up the new Playmobil Ghostbusters’ Fire House and crack out a quick review’… THREE hours of building later and it has become clear that I have wildly underestimated Playmobil. Did you know that the kid friendly, chunky plastic play sets were …

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  • 19 December

    Remote control rage

    Monster Smash-Ups

    Cannot believe we almost missed this range of remote control toys, this line must have launched whilst we were on our company away day in Outer Mongolia. Anyways, Monster Smash-Ups is a splendid choice for those still seeking playthings for those hard-to-buy-fors.  It’ll keep siblings occupied for hours, is a …

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  • 18 December

    Worlds biggest toy shop about to open in China

    Increasing incomes and an increasing popularity of brands like Peppa Pig and Thomas & Friends are accounting for some of the major growth in the Chinese toy market. China is about to open the world’s largest toy store in time for Christmas Day, 10,700 sqm Hamleys in Beijing – That’s …

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  • 14 December

    Embrace the force as The Last Jedi storms into cinema

    Lego BB8

    It’s here. Episode 8 is finally here! The build up to Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi has been long and painful but with Luke, Rey, Kylo and the gang gracing the silver screen this week we’re feeling the force! So much so we thought we’d put together a list of …

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  • 13 December

    Fraudulent Fingerlings Fears as Fake Furry Friends are Frequently Found

    Fingerlings - look out for fakes

    So, you’ve just snagged one of this year’s top toys for Christmas and you’re feeling pretty smug but watch out, The Fingerling in your bag may not be the real deal. Following several reports from the public, Trading Standards have issued some advice on how to spot a genuine finger …

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  • 13 December

    Thomas the Parkour Engine

    What’s got six wheels, a fixed grin and has wicked sick moves? A botoxed breakdancer in roller skates? Get out of town mate, it’s Thomas The Tank Engine! You may have thought that the rail-bound hero of Sodor was out of steam but YouTubers, 5MadMovieMakers beg to differ. In this, …

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  • 13 December

    Would you ask a stranger for a Fingerling


    The mums of Mumsnet and Facebook are seemingly in a bit of a dilemma this year. Adorable, palm-sized monkeys- The Fingerlings are one of Christmas 2017’s ‘hot toys’ but it seems mums around the country are a little hesitant to ask for them across the counter. Isadora2007 admitted to Mumsnet …

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  • 12 December

    Marvel Legends Series Mjolnir – Be it Thor worthy?

    Mjolnir with lightning

    With Thor: Ragnarok storming the box office and paving the way for next years Infinity War, the Norse God of Thunders spark couldn’t be brighter! So we took a look at Marvel Legends Mjolnir to see if we could harness some of that lightning. At a cool £99.99, this isn’t …

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  • 12 December

    Toyology and Mobile Phones Direct collaborate on Parental Controls Campaign

    mobile phones direct

    Online child safety is becoming more important than ever before. Living in a digital world has provided children with new tech toys, gizmos and gadgets at a seemingly endless rate – not to mention access to connected smartphones from a young age. While these children may have more knowledge of …

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