That shrinking feeling – An escape room review

Cluequest – CQ Origenes

It’s back to the spy agency to explore the origins of the mouse/sheep rivalry that supplies the cheesy theming of Cluequest and provides a tongue twister room name as the evil Blacksheep fella launches a cyber attack on an old spy base which you need to shrink into to stop the theft of genetic research.

For a room where the story is focused around an old base, cQ Origenes is actually almost entirely technology led, with only one padlock – and even then, it’s not a padlock in the way you would expect it to be. As with their other rooms it is incredibly impressive set design wise, with amazing attention to detail.

Because there are no traditional padlocks, the room in incredibly tactile. If I had to give advice for people doing this room it would be to not be afraid to touch, push or spin things, because nothing in this room is there by accident. The puzzles are a mix of teamwork, heavy and solo and some that may require different perspectives. It is very ‘open plan’ with solutions and discoveries happening continually but flowing nicely into each other to progress you. It also features two very different environments providing almost entirely different puzzle styles and setup whilst somehow staying in theme.

There is so much to do in this room, and one could argue almost too much? I am no slouch when it comes to escaping rooms and even though my team never stopped, we still only just made it out in time. If more than one puzzle stumps you – and they have many variations testing different skills – then I would say you probably aren’t escaping, sorry.

cQ Origenes is easily in the top set of rooms I have done, and is probably my favourite one in London. Enthusiasts will love the puzzles, tech-heads will love the setup, and newbies might not escape, but will experience excellent value for money and get a very fulfilling experience.

About Danny Hooper

Hi, my name is Danny I am a game designer and puzzle enthusiast living in London who can often can be found drawing stickmen, playing board games or thinking about burgers. Growing up with two brothers gave me an over competitive nature which comes in really handy for my main hobby - doing escape rooms. I've done these across the world, winning competitions and setting numerous records along as the way as well as maintaining a 100% record of escaping. My favourite games and puzzles often include numbers or abstract colours and patterns and I recently learnt how to escape a straight jacket (which came in handy surprisingly quickly)

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