International Day of Play, its today, its the first one ever.

Yup, given the nod by the bigwigs at the United Nations this global affair of which The LEGO Group, Mattel and Hasbro were of the companies that lobbied the U.N. a series of initiatives take place today. Find out where and where at the International Day of Play website HERE, there appears to be lots going on at company HQ’s around the place and not alot of easily accessible events for we mere mortals to et along to BUT, this is the first time it has happened so next year is set to be a stunner. As it is the first one, the big cheese at toy companies, various industry bodies and people from the U.N. who sanctioned this worthy gathering of the great and the good there is a lot of chatter about how brilliant it is, read on for more of that – We’re off out to draw a giant chalk Snakes and Ladders board in the empty car park opposite and then build a LEGO desk tidy for my daughter.

Sanjay Luthra, Toy Industries of Europe’s (TIE) chair of the board says today is a landmark day for play and a significant milestone in the recognition of this fundamental right for every child.

“Play is a cornerstone of childhood that helps kids build strength, confidence and important life skills,” he wrote in a statement issued by TIE.

“Play empowers children to learn, grow, and undrstand the world around them. It fosters the development of essential cognitive skills, social abilities, and emotional strength. It is through play that they learn to collaborate, to create, and to persevere. Play also significantly contributes to psychosocial well-being.

“Yet, despite these numerous benefits, play often ends up being the last priority in children’s busy schedules. Sometimes, it is entirely overlooked.  Making time to play, providing opportunities to play… Because it sounds so simple, people often forget about its profound effects. Dedicating resources to play is a straightforward and really impactful investment in the happiness and resilience of future generations. This is why investing in children’s well-being and protecting their right to play must become a priority in policies and initiatives around the world, including in Europe.

Sanjay Luthra

“In a few EU countries, schools and educational settings already embrace play as a vital component of the learning process, allowing children the freedom to explore and grow in a less formal way. It would be great to see this approach adopted everywhere.

“Outside of school, there is a need for play spaces that are not only safe, but also diverse and inclusive. Every child should be able to play without fear or limitations. Investments in these spaces benefit not only the children but also enrich our communities and society.


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