Technic’s latest set – A stunning Swede

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From supermodels to the Swedish chef, from a flat packed furniture shopping experience where everyone leaves with at least one item they didn’t need to pioneering packaging inventors and musical offerings spanning ABBA through to Ace of Bass – The Scandic nation just keeps on giving, their construction equipment brand, famous the globe over, has teamed up with its neighbour, the brick making maestros to bring us this epic Technic set. The L350F is 1,600 pieces of engineering goodness, weighing in at 2KG and full of features to help mimic it’s 55 tonne supersize sibling. Completed the build is 23cm in height and 59cm front to back and, when you put the infra red remote and motors in motion this set is ready to drive,steer,lift and load with visible piston movement and converts to a A25F unit when it’s work is done (you’ll need to do this manually of course). The complexity of the internal elements are a joy to admire even when your earth mover is at a standstill. Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! = £169.99

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Peter Jenkinson
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