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Today would’ve been the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics, the first events kicking off tomorrow and a full two-weeks of sporting goodness on the goggle-boxes, sigh. Still, we get to do it all next year , likely with a bit of added fanfare, and we cannot wait. In fact, we don’t have to, we’ve found a few ways to fill that Olympic void. Anyways pubquizzers, the five rings were representative of five continents that existed back in in the early 20th Century (we of course ll know that there are now seven continents but that’d make for a weird looking logo, right?

And so, back to business. We’re thinking that some fun could be had re-creating some of the Olympic pursuits with kit we already have at home or of course using this as an excuse to go buy some more stuff. First up though you’ll need to get the gear to create the right atmosphere – Flags, Medals and an opening ceremony/theme tune (created by you and yours) all the kit you need right here:


Then, decide on the events, just to get you started we’ve concocted (and shall be practising this weekend)…

Furthest flung OR most accurate throw.
Kick to win.
Best bouncer.



First to make a Balloon Dog?
Learn how to juggle in the shortest time?

Or, use stuff you already have perhaps?

For the Discus – Throwing coins against the wall or into a home-made target

For a Relay race – Write down a load of items to be found in your house. Stick these slips in a hat and two-players each pull a piece of paper out an must retrieve that object and bring it back to base.

Get all Equestrian – Best/funniest picture of a horse (notoriously hard to do) – horse and create some jumps

Paper plane throwing perhaps?

Set the rules, keep them flexible, team up with other family members, have fun.


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