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Ten minute property trading game – Monopoly Speed is here

Everyone rolls and buys simultaneously over four rounds, so no faffing about waiting for your go, you’re against the timer and you’ll be buying, trading, and selling properties faster than a dodgy estate agent. The timer counts down each buying and trading stage with no break in-between, you’ve two GO spaces, …

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Exit: The Game; A plethora of at home ‘escape’ options.

Have you ever wanted to do an escape room, but you don’t want to a) go outside or b) pay a lot of money for a stranger to lock you in a room? Then you’re in luck! Because you can sort-of get the escape room experience in the comfort of …

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Hate Trivia Games? I’m Confident You’ll Like Confident?!

“Three, four, five… Blue. Oh, no!” All too clearly I recall the misery I felt counting my way round a Trivial Pursuit board in youth. Too old to play Snakes & Ladders, too young to organise a riot, I’d long suffer the misery of trying to win a Geography Wedge… …

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Most manic version of Monopoly yet?

   Much derided Monopoly is having a right resurgence as a brand of late, exciting new titles in the guise of Fortnite and Mario Kart, a Cheaters edition we enjoyed just before Yule and now this, possibly the purest form of the game ever. See, at its heart the …

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Get them before midnight or they’ll turn into Pumpkins – Its Fairy Tale toy time

Who does not love a Fairy Tale? Such a story defined as one with some magic, wonder and far-fetched-ness – Most contain one or more characters including talking animals , dwarfs, dragons, elves, fairies, giants, gnomes, goblins, griffins, mermaids, trolls, unicorns, or witches – and a dash magic or enchantments. …

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Who? What? Where? – Give us a Cleudo

Cluedo Bard Game

Not since its arrival in 1949 has Cleudo had an overhaul such as this, killing off an iconic character and replacing her with fresh blood. So long serving housekeep Mrs White is off, gone, no-longer in play replaced by Dr Orchid, her resume as follows; “Privately schooled in Switzerland until …

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Toxic selection of dark and deadly scenarios anyone?

Good, then we’ll begin. Imagine, if you will, you’re doing 100mph when the steering wheel comes off in your hands…or wonder how you’ll get away from a baying bunch of militant vegans whilst wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress or perhaps you’ve woken up to find yourself the backend of a human centipede…

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