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Fraudulent Fingerlings Fears as Fake Furry Friends are Frequently Found

Fingerlings - look out for fakes

So, you’ve just snagged one of this year’s top toys for Christmas and you’re feeling pretty smug but watch out, The Fingerling in your bag may not be the real deal. Following several reports from the public, Trading Standards have issued some advice on how to spot a genuine finger …

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Trade-in offered for Cozy Coupes

It all started after a bloke tweeted saying Webuyanycar.com wouldn’t take his Little Tike ride, but guess what, they really did want it and are after up to 100 more too. head over to webuyanytoycar.com and they’ll give you a tenner for yours, so long as it is in reasonable …

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Cozy Coupe gets Supersized

  You’d think a lightweight, single seater coupe that produces zero emissions would be a pipe dream, wouldn’t you? But the folks at Little Tikes seem to have cracked it with an ‘Adult-sized’ version of the best-selling car in the UK, the Cozy Coupe. The car, which can fit even …

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Tiny Timelords

  To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Dr Who series is this new range of micro-figures from Character Building which features each on of the 11 time travellers. The Doctors are classified into RARE (the 10th Dr with just 500 in circulation), Super RARE (3rd and 5th Dr with just …

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Use some Force

    You Star Wars fans are a lucky lot, is there no licencing stone that’s not been unturned? Aftyer spending your hard-earned on eeverything from undercrackers and Pjamas to LEGO sets and talking soft toys now you’ll have to find some more cash for the very compelling Origami book. …

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Shoot the Spooks

      We wouldn’t call ourselves super-skeptical but certainly over-wary when told about some great new game, that’s a guaranteed grin-inducer, but of all the boxes to arrive at Toyology Towers this extra-busy September so far, Ghost Hunt has had more of our attention than most. Inside the box …

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