Shoot the Spooks




We wouldn’t call ourselves super-skeptical but certainly over-wary when told about some great new game, that’s a guaranteed grin-inducer, but of all the boxes to arrive at Toyology Towers this extra-busy September so far, Ghost Hunt has had more of our attention than most. Inside the box is one Billy Bones, he has a projector built in to his oversized head that projects images of ghosts randomly around your room, ceilings and walls, whilst you try and infra-red them away with the space-age shooter. There are three difficult settings from which to choose, the amatuer on which very young kids can grasp with ease, medium for family gatherings and the top-speed spook-delivery setting which sees Billy Bones shaking his head at quite a pace, reserved for a later-night racous games. Billy projects various sized spooks and when you score a hit the gun will make a chilling screm to indicate your score, hit the re-load button on top to add-ammo every six shots and down as many of these 2D spooks in a 90 second bout as you can. Yes it is £30, you could get two other board games for that, but be bored before you pass go. Available Exclusively HERE

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