Board gaming boosted – Beasts of Balance adds battle mode

We’ve been playing Beasts of Balance for a few months, it is highly remiss of us not to have shared our gameplay experience with you. Today we have been soundly reminded of our forgetfulness as news arrived that an expansion pack is on the way. So, Beasts of Balance, it is a stacking game comprising 24 pieces to be placed on the central Bluetooth enabled plinth. This latter connects to an app allowing your stack to be digitised and beautiful things happen on your screen. Players first place their NFC artefacts against the plinth and then make their move, putting the beast, migrate, miracle, element or cross piece cross on the play surface.

On-screen the magic happens and your move replicated into digital wonderment as beasts appear on land, air or sea and as more pieces are placed more movement happens, beasts cross-breed and migrate it is an utter joy. Yes, we like it. So you can play multi-player I/we (thats my 7 year old daughter) prefer to play alone, stacking the pieces and enjoying the digital scenery. The new Battles expansion has two to three players each taking on the role of a Divine Creator of a single region: Land, Sea or Sky. The aim is to fill your region with powerful beasts while stealing and destroying those of your opponents. Comprising 16 augmented reality BATTLE cards with NFC inside wield them to invoke weird and wonderful effects in the digital realm.

Also, the new pack comes with a first in a Legendary Beast series (we hope) and Magmaaargh The Cantankerous adds some hilarity into this strategy play. Also available on Kickstarter now are new beasts in the form of a sassy Flamingo, cute Chameleon and an Angler Fish. Play these into your existing set and you can create over 100 digital hybrids – what a time to be alive. Your gateway to gaming goodness lies this way

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