Batmobile suitcase for kids offers zero Justice


Its official, this Batmobile is a fully licences one from Dawn of Justice yes but also that the makers of this fine piece of kit have missed a huge trick. The ankle biters already have a range of cool ride on cases for airports, bed designs that make adults envious and matching jim-jam/duvet sets – They don’t appreciate any of it, and now this.    he outside detail on this case is totally decent, from the bodywork and inclusion of monster wheels to those mini machine guns, which we’d love to see modified to blast NERF darts. On each side there are lock clips, open up the top to access the fairly limited storage space, think cape, mask and footwear. Getting yours around can be done with a retractable lead or the wheelie-case handle. This latter can only be operated by kids, far too low for a grown-up but you could manage the pull-along method. Buy for the kids, watch as others look on enviously, that may well include you and other adults too. £60 from HERE


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