Outdoor Toy Awards 2021

Welcome to the inner-sanctum of information for the Outdoor Toy Awards 2021. We’re of course having to do things differently this year, in the past 100 kids across three play spaces, mums and dads joining in, mass pizza-delivery at break-time, activity and energy levels off-the-scale. This will return but for 2021 we’re doing things differently.

We have TEN categories of toys for your brand(s) to enter and you are welcome to submit each product into multiple categories at no extra cost. These categories are :

Climbing and Adventure

Sport and Splash Fun

Outdoor Games

Science and Nature

Ride On


PreSchool Play

Battle & Blaster Toys

Houses, Tents & Hideaways

Flying Toys.

Each category will be owned by a media/blogger outlet and toys in that category all sent to them for testing by their readers, listeners, editors, contributors and presenters. Each toy will be judged by pre-determined criteria as set out by Toyology and returned to us.  Deliverables from the esters include supplying imagery of toys being played with and video footage of the same which Toyology will put together for a final video edit put together from the clips we’ve gathered.

Deadline for entries is 1st April @ 11am

Samples to be delivered from 2nd April and completed by 14th April

Testing takes place throughout April. Results compiled beginning of May and announced May 10th. Brands given JPG award Winners and Commendation logos for general use.

All media outlets will be posting along the journey, talking up all the toys via #OTA21. Earlier submissions likely to get more mentions across social channels of the testers.

Samples – One of each is required, if sample return is required please notify us on submission of entry.

Testing takes place during the month of April with the winners being notified at the beginning of May. Well in time for the Half-Term and way ahead of the Summer Staycation season.

Entry Fee – £200 per toy. Multiple entries from same toy brand, 2 – £175 each, 3 £150 each – Am here to negotiate, always. It’s been a fair amount of effort to get this far but our aim is to get all the categories bulging.

For more information, to ask any questions or to grab an entry form email – peter@toyology.co.uk