Barbie getting Bijou, couldn’t love it more

Of course Polly Pocket will be in mind for those of a certain age, the brand did have a pop at revitalising itself a couple of years back but hey, Barbie, once more is flavour of the month, year, well decade! So Mattel have done the wisest thing, shrink her and her compadres and dwellings and create an entire new way to get involved with the pink princess – Barbie Land.

There’s a fair bit to talk about so we’ve posted detail on the next page. In a nutshell, Mini BarbieLand includes fan-favourite Barbie lines, including Barbie Fashionistas, Barbie Colour Reveal, Barbie Cutie Reveal and Barbie Pop Reveal, integrating the unboxing surprise and delight in a mini version for the ultimate collectability.

Mini BarbieLand dolls integrate with the small-scale replica of the iconic Barbie DreamHouse, supplied in a box filled with a surprise mini Barbie doll, mini pet and pet accessory. Each house has a working elevator, slide and pool. Kids can take Mini BarbieLand dolls along for a ride with the Mini Barbie DreamCamper, Dreamplane, Dreamboat, Convertible Car and Jeep.

Nicolas Houssin, VP of Marketing EMEA, said: “We are thrilled to introduce Barbie’s latest innovation at Nuremberg Toy Fair, bringing Barbie’s system of play in a new size to even more fans with a new miniature scale that welcomes fans to collect and play in a whole new way”.

The Barbie Mini BarbieLand range includes:

Barbie Mini BarbieLand Barbie Fashionistas Mini Dolls:

  • Kids twist the lipstick tube to reveal one 1.5-inch Barbie or Ken Fashionistas doll. Each mini doll bends at the waist and stands on a heart-shaped base that fits into Mini BarbieLand playsets (sold separately).


Barbie Mini BarbieLand Barbie Color Reveal Mini Dolls:

  • Each 1.5-inch doll has a unique look hidden with Original Color Reveal Innovation. Kids remove the doll from the packaging, fill the tube with water and swirl the doll inside. As the water changes colour, the doll is revealed.

Barbie Mini BarbieLand Barbie Cutie Reveal Mini Dolls:

  • Each 1.5-inch doll has a removable costume head that shows her face when removed and comes with a matching mini pet.


Barbie Mini BarbieLand Assortment, Barbie Pop Reveal Mini Dolls:

  • Each 1.5-inch doll is hidden within a drink-inspired container which can be uded for for storage or satisfying sensory play.
  • Includes 1 mini Barbie doll and 1 pop-it toy container.


Barbie Mini BarbieLand Doll And Vehicle Assortment:

  • Available with the Dreamplane, Dreamcamper, Dreamboat, Convertible or Jeep. Each replica comes with a 1.5-inch Barbie doll that bends at the waist so they can sit and drive the vehicle to Mini Barbieland adventures.


Barbie Mini BarbieLand House Assortment:

  • Inside a tiny moving box are house accessories, a dog, and a 1.5-inch articulated Barbie doll. The assortment Includes: Dreamhouses Pink, Blue and Purple.


Barbie Mini BarbieLand Fashionistas Mini Doll Bundle:

  • When twisted, these 5 lipstick tubes will reveal a 1.5-inch Barbie Fashionistas doll inside – that’s 5 mini dolls and an instant collection.

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