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Barbie getting Bijou, couldn’t love it more

Of course Polly Pocket will be in mind for those of a certain age, the brand did have a pop at revitalising itself a couple of years back but hey, Barbie, once more is flavour of the month, year, well decade! So Mattel have done the wisest thing, shrink her …

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Barbies boyfriend is having a birthday bash

It is 40 years since Steve Wonder wrote this for Ken’s 20th – Today the youthful looking turns 60, he hasn’t aged a day. Plastic surgery is a wonderful thing, that and being Barbies boyfriend appear good for the complexion. Anyways, we were privileged to be asked to tell the …

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No Barbie or Ken – Mattels new Creatable dolls redefine the gender line

Kids can create their own customisable characters again and again with the Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit Creatable World is the perfect purchase for imaginative kids as they can create their very own looks. Each one of the £35(ish) sets includes a doll, a wig to transform the hairstyle and …

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