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Water blaster brave enough to call itself a gun

a group of German engineers and designers think it’s finally time for water guns to evolve, here is the self-loading Spyra One, a water blaster packed with so much tech and one which fires quick bursts of water instead of a steady stream. Overall, accuracy is improved, the price tag …

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Create your own back garden waterpark

Say pfft to inflatable pools people what you’re after (despite not knowing it yet) are more impressive things than the neighbours have. Yes, lockdown has driven us to this point of wanting to “beat the Joneses”. So, perhaps you’ll go for the over-the-fence six-foot high sprinkling Unicorn? Or tempted by …

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Water wars – Up the ante

Right on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign rising almost a million $ to take water fights to the next level Bunch O Balloons has teamed up with toy outfit ZURU so they can distribute the device globally and ensure that one nation does not retain superpower status when …

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