Create your own back garden waterpark

Say pfft to inflatable pools people what you’re after (despite not knowing it yet) are more impressive things than the neighbours have. Yes, lockdown has driven us to this point of wanting to “beat the Joneses”. So, perhaps you’ll go for the over-the-fence six-foot high sprinkling Unicorn? Or tempted by the rainbow which will offer a cooling flow of H20 should it get too scorchio and for the less sedentary we have the water slide, perhaps some one could give you a push if it looks a bit too much. We’re not certain how you could hook them all up simultaneously, well, unless you have a three-way hose attachment (not enough power sadly even if it did exist) and you’re unlikely to have three water sources outside so you’ll just have to a) grab them all and rotate their use or b) buy only one (boo)

Firebox and Amazon have got the lot

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