Monopoly is shaking up its Community, share your thoughts on its new chest

Was always met with hilarity in our household, we’d always try and plant the Second Place In A Beauty Contest card so he picked it, simple pleasures eh? Well, Hasbro have decided it is time to say goodbye as part of the first update to the Community Chest Cards and they want you to assist in picking replacements, well, voting on the ones they’ve chosen.  At – They’re re-imagining all 16 of them, it is quite a shake up so beauty contests, holiday funds, and life insurance have got to go. As Community no doubt took a new turn last year some of the new cards reflect our new spirit with “Shop Local”, “Rescue A Puppy” and “Helping Your Neighbours.” They’ll also be ‘opening up’ their Community Chest to give back to communities most in need up and down the country, with a series of activities planned throughout the summer. Voting is open HERE now until April 9th. You can stay up to date on news on the vote on Hasbro Gaming’s InstagramTwitter and YouTube.

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