WOW Stuff stomping into Jurassic mode

Wow! Stuff’s new Jurassic World line-up has collectables and flying toys based around the Pteranadon – perhaps the most admired flying fossil? Wow’s flying toys range includes a Pteranadon Jump Rocket that sends the flying dinosaur 50 feet skywards when you stamp on the air pad and a Dino-Glider, jet motor on-board that powers the two-foot diameter wingspan dinosaur along a circular flight path with a 100 foot radius.

Adding to their incredibly popular WOW! PODS, the Swipe to Light collectable the newest addition, Jurassic World WOW! PODS SFX, feature a cool special effects sound mode. Now you can Swipe to Light to reveal hidden icons inside the hexapod and also Clap to Roar! to release dinosaur roars that are authentic to the sounds of Jurassic World dinosaurs! Collect, connect and display all 4 WOW! PODS in the Jurassic World series and create a roarsome (sorry) display.

Drop ‘n Pop is a dinosaur egg, pretty unique action, drop it on a hard surface and it pops open to reveal a super soft plush dinosaur – two in this range and each can be pushed back inside to repeat this innovative birthing action. has more details

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