Drivers, Roll Out.

Road on a Rollbox_lr_large

We’ve just in recovery mode after a brief head-in-hands stage, the discovery of this head-slappingly simplistic solution to the age old issue of restrictive options with track layouts for car role play fanatics is right here, Road on a Roll. Designed by dad Baz Jennings. this graphic designer was frustrated by limitations that existing products offered (not to mention the expense) and so Baz decided to invent a new one. Made of recycled paper the flagship product is the Ultimate starter set comprising a 164-foot (50m in new money) roll of road that you can cut, arrange and rearrange as much as you fancy, and along with 10 corners and five roundabouts you can create a track that leads upstairs, over tables, under beds, endless possibilities in fact. The set some in a cardboard car storage box and the whole lots can be coloured in, and, when you want more just pop back online and grab extra rolls of road, more roundabouts (for those readers in Milton Keynes) and add more corners – Shift into top gear and head this way at speed

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