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cute mail delivery system
cute mail delivery system

Keeping in touch with the kids as you work those 16 hour/ 7 day a week shift patterns as you try and get your new business off the ground, or are somehow unfortunate enough to be working for some company whose ethics are based on Victorian values, can be tricky. They might, after a short time forget your voice, perhaps not let you in your own home when you’ve forgotten your keys, refer to you always in third person tense – What is to be done? There is a genius solution packed up in a super cute package of tech that fuses voicemail with email to deliver messages to your offspring in an interactive fashion. The grown-up (in most cases) records a message on their smartphone using the app and sends it to the mini mailman that in turn speaks it back in your own voice or a funny one (these may well be one and the same). Kids have the opportunity to reply right away or hold a two-way chat via the miniature mailman. They set up over your home WiFi network and in no time are ready to snort, wheeze, howl and growl to let kids know theres a new message waiting. There’s an opportunity here to sign up for The Daily Toymailer where the Mailmen will greet your child each day and deliver and advert free bulletin of jokes, news, fun facts, stories or songs. Think BBC Breakfast presented by Dick and Dom with Mr Tumble doing the weather. It’s both iOS and Android friendly, will set you back £49.99 and you can shoos one of five characters from these purveyors of exclusive stuff thats generally grin inducing

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