Amazon Predicts a Playful Xmas | 2019 Toy Trends

The global behemoth that is Amazon has been analysing this year’s toy trends and they’ve cobbled together a list of what they predict the top toys for 2019 will be, once the festive period rolls around yet again.

Last year saw the rise of slime, unicorns and poop- can 2019 possibly compete? Well, the 5 new trends are a rather curious bag.

Firstly, Amazon have seen an increased interest in ‘Innovation in games’ This basically covers games that were once analogue and now feature an aspect of digital or connected play. Specifically Mattel’s new ‘Pictionary Air’ that replaces pencils and paper for a motion sensing wand.

Up next is ‘Cult Family Franchises’. Just when you thought you couldn’t spend more on ‘Harry Potter’ broomsticks and ‘Frozen’ dolls, 2019’s most nostalgic trend rears it’s head. Strap in for more magic than you can shake a stick at. Sorry- wand at.

If you thought 2018 was the last time you’d hear ‘unboxing’ or ‘blind bag’ you’d be incredibly wrong. Amazon says it’s time for ‘Unboxing 2.0′! LOL Surpise and Treasure X continue to dominate by evolving their brands with new collections and new play patterns.

The forth in line is ‘Pre-School Sensory Play’ This covers all toys that introduce younglings to crucial developmental skills like counting, colours, music and movement. Expect to see interactive llamas, unicorns and teddies filling up the xmas isles.

Lastly but not leastly, Amazon has recognised the ‘Evolution of Electronic Toys’. This is the next step in interactive robo-buddies. Where Furby once trod, Hatchlings soon took over and now it is the turn of innovations such as Spinmaster’s Owleez- a mechanical friend that actually learns to fly!

So, what do you think? Will you be hopping on this years bandwagon? Be sure to keep an eye on Toyology to keep up to date.

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