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Batman versus Joker Scalextric set – Play smart

Since their first meeting in 1940 the caped crusader and clown of crime have been sworn enemies, well of course they have, you ever seen Batman smile? This all new Scalextric Batman vs Joker set falls into the Spark Plug range and so has many tricks up its digital sleeve. …

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Retailer unveils their predictions for top sellers of 2019

There are less than 200 days left until Santa does his rounds but the top toy bods at Argos have released their predictions of what’s most likely to be on those lists this Yule. This list of 12 toys comes alongside some research from the retailer that a quarter of …

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DC Superheroes & Co

Now I try and avoid hoarding playthings in my house, the kids have stuff all over the place and if I were to add to this treasure collection my popularity rating would plummet with her-who-should-be-listened-to and, ultimately, my stuff cast in a box anyway. My garage however is a hoarders …

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