Worlds’s first crowdsourced puzzle

Puzzle nerds around the world unite, today you have a chance to be part of a global movement to create the very first crowdsourced jigsaw puzzle. The company behind it, Cloudberries, state that the aim of this project is to test the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. The idea is that large groups of people are brought together, they’re much smarter and better at innovating than individual experts, and better at designing things, too. Cloudberries have a LOT of faith in the human race, let’s see how this all goes.

“We decided to test this theory in the bravest way possible – by letting hundreds of puzzlers design our next jigsaw together,” says Cloudberries co-founder Steve Vickers. “We don’t know how the final puzzle will look, but once the design is finished, we will be launching it as a real-life Cloudberries puzzle.”

Puzzler nerds can get involved by choosing a shape from a predefined grid on Then choose your colour, entries are all in isolation so you’ll have no idea what colour your neighbours have picked until the final reveal. When the space are gone, they’re, well, all gone, and participants in the project get first dibs on the initial limited edition puzzle run.

So, want in on Jigsaw puzzle history people? Course you do. Get along this way without delay and be part of this 500-piece puzzle.


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