E.T. The posh plush

Press its finger for a soft red glow, and to hear iconic movie phrases which of course include “E.T. Phone Home.”

Jan Jauregui, manager of product design at Mattel says, “We went through dozens of sketches and stylisations because we wanted to make sure that we captured E.T.’s sweet, child-like innocence through the sculpt.  Aside from making his proportions even cuter with a larger head and smaller body, we put a lot of emphasis on his eyes!”

Fisher price Et Teddy

The story of E.T. is, after all, one of childhood and growing up, which makes it fitting that, as the movie celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, fans can own their very own E.T. and relive the nostalgia of this classic story of friendship and adventure!

Mattel’s E.T. 40th Anniversary Feature Plush £42.99 at Smyths Toys £42.99

This is how E.T. phoned home.

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