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E.T. The posh plush

Press its finger for a soft red glow, and to hear iconic movie phrases which of course include “E.T. Phone Home.” Jan Jauregui, manager of product design at Mattel says, “We went through dozens of sketches and stylisations because we wanted to make sure that we captured E.T.’s sweet, child-like …

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Danish brick outfit released a dozen sets at LEGO Con

Celebrating their 90th anniversary this year they release 12 sets at their recent online LEGO con event, some of which celebrate the anniversary, others just new sets : 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle 10497 Galaxy Explorer 21189 The Skeleton Dungeon 21190 The Abandoned Village 31207 Floral Art 40452 FC Barcelona Go …

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Perseverance sets off to Mars

At a cost of billions we do wonder WHY but the madcap professors and their underlings appear to be keen on seeing if life did exist on Mars so they’re sending up a rocket with a rover on-board. The red planet is a bit of an enigma, so we’ll see …

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Embrace the force as The Last Jedi storms into cinema

Lego BB8

It’s here. Episode 8 is finally here! The build up to Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi has been long and painful but with Luke, Rey, Kylo and the gang gracing the silver screen this week we’re feeling the force! So much so we thought we’d put together a list of …

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