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Play the mountain mining game with Hape

Hape Mighty Mountain Mine
Hape Mighty Mountain Mine

Not a single flashing light nor any digital sounds the Hape Mighty Mountain is as analogue as the Austrian Alps. Certainly wooden toys have seen a resurgence of late, many bigger toy retailers showcasing their own lines of value created from lumber. There are however a couple of outfits who have always specialised in this material, Hape being amongst the outstanding and, whilst price points might cause an intake of breath, the longevity and quality of their set creates its own level of value for money. This latest addition to the Hape family, is all about the buzz behind a working mine. Multi-level play gives such a lot of play opportunity, some assembly required for this weighty 13kg set but once in-place it looks so good you’ll be reluctant to take it down. Jam packed with a huge array of interactive experiences including tunnels, cranes, conveyor belts, repair stations and obstacle bridges. The waterfall element has a removable wall, turn it upside down and set the magic liquid inside in motion. Load up trains at the top and begin winding your way down through the hazards and creating your own story and sound effects as you go. Aimed at the 3+ market and parents with kids who love rains that are currently only available as plastic tat. Amazon for £139.99

hape mighty mountain
hape mighty mountain

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