Talking Unicorn anyone?

Unicorn that talks back!

Some folks told me we had hit peak Unicorn last year and that fad would pass, it would appear that this legendary beast is being lauded more than ever. The craze to turn them into everything from ride-ons to plushes might have been driven by the kids but it is most certainly millennials driving the merchandising evolution and now we’ve everything from salt and pepper pots to adult size onesies. Here is a Unicorn that can be embraced by all ages, the talk back beast may well have a slightly grating voice (after extensive play we can confirm this) but for a quick cutesy chatter back kids can talk to their own Unicorn and it’ll repeat those very words back like the magical creature it is.  We’ve of course been rather childish with ours and getting it to say “I don’t believe in Mermaids”, “No pot of gold exists at the end of a rainbow” and “Brexit is brilliant”. Yours for £19.99 at FIREBOX

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