Queues and chaos caused by Kevin the Carrot

kevin the carrot
kevin the carrot

People stood in line outside Aldi’s across the nation from TWO A.M. in the morning to get their hands on a Kevin the Carrot, some were there for Pascal the Parsnip and each one is now listed across eBay for a decent return, well percentage wise at least. So you nabbed the carrot (small £3.99 and large £19.99) and each is listed for at least £44 and £80 – Was that worth a night on the streets?

Pascal the parsnip – evil or misunderstood?

Perhaps not quite as chaotic as the Build-a-Bear debacle in the summer when customers were clambering to buy them in an offer – later abandoned – to buy any bear for the price of their child’s age.  Their advert is really rather good, my go to Xmas ad right now though is the one for KFC!



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