Supermarket beeps – Zuru add Mini Mart for your shrunken shopping needs


We’re fans of the Mini Brands so we shall overlook the Americanism on this 5 surprise 22 piece set. You’ll get a base plate, store(SHOP)front, shelves, freezer, cash register, electronic features and four mystery minis to start stacking the shelves. From Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings to Skippy Peanut Butter and Peppermint Mentos we reckon there are about 100 to stick in your Mart, sorry, Supermarket. Buy two of these and create a MEGA MART, sorry, sodding big Supermarket! WE’re told it is packed with REAL shopping sounds, we assume that means beeps or is it just a selection of tannoy announcements including “Spillage on aisle four, cleaning team please attend”?

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