Starlink Battle For Atlas | Customised Space-Based Madness

The Toys-To-Life niche is a constant surprise. Just when I thought we’d seen it’s last gasp with Skylanders & Lego Dimensions, something new appears though the fog. Starlink | Battle For Atlas is a spaceship based action, shooter/RPG with a focus on customised load-outs, high octane battles and evolving gameplay.

The main lure is how you create your own star-ship. By attaching different pilots, hulls, wings and weapons to your controller, you can fully customise how your in-game player looks, feels and deals damage. The designs of the different pilots and ships give a wonderfully wide range of options and the quality of the plastics and connectors leave you with a very satisfying weight in your hands as you blast around the cosmos looking for trouble.

Starlink also boasts a full multiplayer experience letting you and a partner swap ship parts on the fly giving you the edge in tricky encounters. Once you’ve kitted out your ideal fighter its time to dive into Starlink’s gorgeous universe. The graphical details are rather lovely to boost through and the combat encounters take me back to Starfox 64 (no coincidence that the Switch has a Starfox exclusive pack).

With tight, responsive controls you can find yourself nipping and hopping over explosions and shrapnel whilst easily equipping a new weapon. It’s a unique and brilliant experience.  With just the starter pack to hand our customisation options were limited so, once we’ve sourced more packs, we’ll report back with some of our creations!

Starlink | Battle For Atlas is available for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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This actor & presenter is a proud Midlands lad who fled to London over a decade ago. Having grown up on a healthy diet of Power Rangers, Transformers and Thundercats, Rob is a sucker for anything that goes 'pow!' And 'Zap!' A film producer and radio savvy man this Toyminator really knows his R/C's from his elbow.

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