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Surveys and Stats

Plenty of brands are trying to get that extra bit of media attention as we head into the final furlong, a usual quick-hit is to do some seasonal survey and you might perhaps get an online mention, something in print, an airing on the radio or the nirvana of some time on the tellybox. Here’s some bit and pieces we picked up last week:

According to research from The Entertainer almost half, well 44% of parents say that giving presents is one of the more special moments their children enjoyed over the festive period and, despite 36 per cent of parents worrying about financial pressures this year, one fifth of them spend over a month searching for the perfect gift and one in ten spend in excess of £300.

When asking children what they would change about the festive season, almost a quarter of them (22 per cent) said they would make the Christmas Day magic last even longer and 10 per cent would choose to spend time with loved ones that are no longer with them.

Other favourite festive moments loved by children across the UK includes putting up the Christmas tree (70 per cent), spending time with friends and family (51 per cent) and watching Christmas movies (51 per cent). And of course, having time off school.

The Entertainer have partnered with The Salvation Army on The Big Toy Appeal to ensure as many children as possible have a gift to open on Christmas Day.

ANKI, creators of Cozmo did some of their own on the staying power of playthings.  Apparently children tend to lose interest in a new toy after two months and five days. Sports sets are the toys that children lose interest in the quickest, with their interest fizzling out after 10 days. This is followed by art and creative toys at 11 days.


Half of parents said the quickest their children has tired of a new toy was after just one hour, with 73% claiming the novelty wears off after just one day. Construction toys and gadgets like tablets, consoles and robot toys come out on top as the toys with the most longevity (49% and 47% respectively), followed by dolls and soft toys (35%).


Parents think the average lifespan of a toy is just 10 months. When looking for toys with longevity, parents’ priority is that toys are suitable for different ages (55%), closely followed by toys with lots of games and features (40%), and educational benefits (26%).


Meanwhile the gift card company One4all did some research looking at the most iconic toys over the past five decades to tap into that fuzzy nostalgic feeling. No surprise that the top toy over the past 50 years is the bike and Barbie, LEGO, Monopoly and the humble football remaining on Xmas lists over the longest period of time.


The One4All survey numbers pointed towards changing times in their headline telling us that 38% of parents are being asked for money or gift cards this year (34% want clothes, 27% are after iPads).


We’re liking gift carding, cash just gets frittered away on incidentals, one big considered toy purchase, a couple of playthings from Santa too – Don’t pad the pile this Yule, there’s no need.

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