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It is a most entertaining game yet has the ability to strike up family feuds in an instant, turning the once placid player into a tyrant at the roll of a dice. Still, we love that about you Monopoly, and you’ve been around for 80 years so there is still plenty of love around and has found that you, and other classic board games are beating hi-tech rivals.  Sales of Scrabble have soared in the last three months with 803 Scrabble related products sold every day with nearly 50,000 products currently listed and Monopoly makes third place (after Chess) selling seven every hour. And now, time to check out this eclectic collection of weird and wonderful sets from our mates at Buzzfeed….

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Peter Jenkinson
Toyologist Pete Jenkinson regularly writes about toys in national newspapers like The Sun and The Mail. This super-dad has an unmatched passion and dedication for trying and testing the latest, coolest and most interesting offerings from the world of toys.

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