Playmobil are killing it in the Kidult aisle

After their A-Team, USS Enterprise and DB5 delivery in 2021 we thought the German outfit might hold fire for a few months this year before attacking our wallets once more, oh how very wrong we were. First up it is one of the most iconic cars of all time, top five for certain, K.I.T.T. with the Hoff figure (Michael Knight)  the Pontiac Trans Am car complete with lights and sounds, headlights that go up and down, a rotating license plate and a removable hood as well as Bonnie Barstow and Devon Miles to recreate those favourite episodes.

And, available NOW is this classic 70’s mini, follow in the footsteps of owners from Mr Bean to the Beatles and a bunch of Italian bank robbers. Complete with two characters decked out in 70’s fashion, a very happy Policeman and obedient Dalmatian to finish it off. £60 and it is yours HERE.


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